Partners Program

Earn up to 50% Commissions

Build a steady recurring revenue stream and help transform people’s lives through better tech education.

What is Wakka? Wakka is an AI-guided platform that helps teach programming.

Steady Recurring Revenue stream

We believe in working together with partners to create value. Our program is designed to help you create a study revenue stream and even replace your full-time income with just Wakka partner commissions.

Our commissions are 25%-50% of revenue.

How does it work?

Every sale you make comes with a minimum commission of 25% (Silver tier).

If you make more than $30K in sales in a given quarter, you become a gold partner and your commission becomes 33%. If you reach $90K per quarter you become a platinum partner and your commission jumps to 50%.

Tier LevelQuarterly New Customer RevenueCommission rate for New Customer Revenue & All Recurring Revenue
Silver$0 - 30K25%
Gold$30K - 90K33%

If it’s the last month of the quarter and you made a sale, you can push it forward to be counted in the next quarter.

If you do the math, Platinum partners are making at least $180K a year. We told you that you could replace your full-time income with Wakka partner commissions right?

What we expect from you

Wakka partners are not just affiliates. They’re not just salespeople. We only wish to work with partners who love Wakka and believe in the product and what we do.

We expect that you support your customers on their lifetime use of the product. This will also increase the likelihood of a renewal, for which you will of course get commission. You can think of your role as a combination of Sales + Product Support + Customer Success. Specifically, we expect you to help with:


You can tap into your existing network and especially people who trust your judgment and opinion. It’s ok to say that you’re a partner and getting commission. In the end, the customer makes the final decision based on their overall judgment, but it’s nicer to buy a product that you feel some connection with and people you trust are supporting it.

Customer Success

You are proactive in making sure your customers are benefitting from Wakka and getting the maximum value from it. Perhaps there are valuable features they’re not aware of? Perhaps you can identify upsell opportunities such as using Wakka in more courses? This would increase revenue and of course, your commission.

Basic product support

You help your customers with basic questions they may have on how to use Wakka. Sometimes it’s just a little pointer on how to do things. Sometimes it’s showing them the right documentation. For more advanced questions, we’re always here.


We value your feedback and always welcome suggestions on missing things, problems, and bugs in Wakka. We also love hearing new ideas that could help us shape the future of Wakka.

How we help you succeed

Dedicated partner support

Get quick answers to any partner program-related questions so you’re always equipped with the right information.

Free content to promote

Share our educational content (blogs, downloadable guides, training videos, webinars, and other free resources).

Swipe copy

Not sure what to say? Let us say it for you. We provide you with social posts and email copy to help you reach your network effectively.

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