Increase enrollment rates

Help undecided candidates choose your bootcamp

We know the bootcamp market is competitive. Other bootcamps, Udemy courses or free learning materials. That’s why it’s important to do your best job, and we’re here to help.

Having your own learning platform is crucial:

  • Wakka gives you a competitive edge compared to other bootcamps - you can have your own learning platform.
  • Students no longer have to choose between using a learning platform and your bootcamp, because with your bootcamp, they get both!

Increase placements

Get your stats up - increase placements and decrease dropouts

We all know that placements numbers could always be a little higher. Whether you’re at 75%, 85% or 95%, those last percentages are the hardest. Imagine where you could be with 10% more placements! It’s also a heartache to see students not find jobs. Also, that drop out will for sure not find a job, right?

Wakka helps your group’s weakest students get better and keep up the pace. Practicing exercises on Wakka is methodical and helps students who are behind get back on track and not lose their motivation. It’s like a stepping stone that helps prepare them for the more difficult assignments.

Leverage AI

Use our unique AI guide

AI is here and it’s here to stay. We’re helping you take advantage of this revolution.

Assist students to make progress

Our AI guide helps your students by giving hints as they work through the exercises.

Frees time for teaching assistants

It takes the burden off your teaching assistants and can help them to save time.

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Learning materials

Use our content or your own

We have prepared content for you - several courses and hundreds of exercises in JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Python and more.

  • The courses include both learning materials and exercises.
  • Exercises are auto-checked - saves you lots of time and effort.
  • Use our content or add your own.
  • Your content will only be available to your students.

Track students and their progress in a dashboard

Realtime dashboard

As students solve exercises on Wakka, you can get realtime updates on our dashboard.

Students progress insights

Get insights which students are more advanced and which behind.

Track remote learning

Easily keep track of progress and participation in remote learning settings.

Easily connect to your LMS

  • Export your dashboard data to excel.
  • Use our API to get your student’s data integrated with your LMS.
  • Integrate Wakka within your LMS and use your own branding.
  • Wakka can become part of your overall toolset for providing the best learning experience for your students.

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Get a competitive edge and offer something unique. Attract more exceptional students and help them succeed.